Cocoa Beans

Theobroma Cacao L.

Our beans are from Peru, South America . We use 100% high-quality grains. Beans are properly fermented under established protocol. The process of cocoa beans is cleaning, drying and selection . We offer organic, sustainable ,and conventional cocoa beans.

Packing – Conventional Cocoa Beans:
– Jute sack
-Net Weight: 69 Kg.
– Organic Cocoa Beans:
– Flexible bag of polyamide (nylon) and a polyethylene layer.
– A master corrugated carton box.
– Net Weight: Box x 12 kg
(03 Bags x 4 kg. each product)
Container: – Capacity 20: 12.075 TM.
– Capacity 40: 25.047 TM.